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ClipFlipz Clip On Magnifying Glasses, Extra-Large-Plus/Clear

Product Review (submitted on 15 September 2016):
I ordered these yesterday from i-sunglasses and they arrived in today's post. Fantastic service.

I had just been to my optician's for an eye test and ended up with new reading and distance glasses. While I was there I had asked for advice about these clip-ons because what I wanted was something extra which I could use for detailed art work. Reading glasses put too great a distance between me and my art to work comfortably on something intricate - it's not like reading a book which you don't hold close to you. The optician advised me to go for a small magnification of +1.0 dioptre. I did, and they work. (He said they probably wouldn't work over multi-focal lenses which explains why a lot of customers have been disappointed.)

I would advise anyone thinking of getting some to seek advice from their optician first. Mine was very helpful after I explained why I thought I needed them. He himself didn't have any clip-ons in his catalogues. I don't know whether any other opticians might.
You need to know what dioptre to choose - if it's too great they won't work. Don't confuse a magnification figure with a dioptre size. This firm gives you several dioptres to choose from.

Also, you need to measure your glasses first before you choose a size - measure the lens dimensions and overall dimensions of the glasses. Mine are unfashionably large as I find the currently popular small glasses uncomfortable. Nevertheless, the "extra large +" clip-ons were big enough and with a little patience I managed to fit them in place. I haven't yet worn them for any length of time but a brief trial seems to show they are what I need.

ClipFitz clip-ons are listed in various sizes and dioptres on the Amazon website by I-sunglasses. If you click on the size you think you will need, within the information that comes up is a choice of dioptre strengths. They come with a nice small clear rigid case as well. They aren't the cheapest listed but I think they're worth the money.

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