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Turn Your Spectacles Into Sunglasses or 3D/ Computer/ Magnifying Glasses

Whether you call them clip on sunglasses, clip ons, ClipFlipz or flip clips, they're an extremely cost effective way for spectacle wearers to obtain instant protection from the sun. Practical, stylish and always ready to wear, perfect for people who want the benefits of complete sun protection whilst wearing their prescription glasses. They’re unisex, lightweight, compact and easy to clip on to your spectacles.

ClipFlipz are a contemporary rimless style with flexible prongs that glide neatly over the bridge of your prescription glasses. Our sunglasses provide 100% protection against harmful UV rays and can be used for a wide range of activities including walking, hiking, fishing, sailing, bowling, golf, driving, cycling, skiing and even light industrial use. Our rimless clip ons are available with a choice of super-tough shatterproof lenses, contrast enhancing driving lenses, glare-blocking polarised lenses, passive 3D circular polarised lenses or powerful magnifying lenses and they come in six different sizes.

Our low profile, squeeze to open, clip mechanism is virtually unbreakable and won't damage your lenses. ClipFlipz are compatible with most modern metal and plastic frames and have a convenient one handed application, no more small fiddly clips around the lenses which can be quite hard to see when you're not wearing your glasses. The clip has two positive indexing lens positions, flipped down for sun protection or flipped up for instant normal vision - especially useful when you go indoors.

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