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3D Glasses

Superb clip-on flip-up 3D glasses with high quality circular polarized 3D lenses for perfect optical quality where objects become more distinct and colours more vibrant. They're compatible with passive 3D televisions (such as LG, Philips, Sony, Samsung, etc.), 3D PCs, Sky 3D and 3D cinemas showing RealD, masterImage and Technicolor 3D movies. They’re available in five different sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your glasses and they’re very affordable, if you wear prescription glasses you no longer have to put up with poor fitting and uncomfortable give away glasses. Just find the correct size for your optical frames and you can use them again and again wherever you watch 3D pictures. You won’t be aware of the clip on whilst watching 3D pictures and you can just flip them up for instant normal vision if you need a break. Plus they’re less bulky and better quality than the normal give away cinema glasses. The thin foil like lenses used in free cinema glasses tend to scratch and become uneven very easily which may cause unwanted reflections and loss of picture quality.

Click here to download our easy fitting clip on glasses size guide. The approximate measurements of each size are also given within the product descriptions.

Circular polarization is less sensitive to the tilt of your head and so you don’t have to sit bolt upright as you do with linear polarised lenses giving a much more comfortable 3D viewing experience. These superb 3D clip on glasses come with high quality TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose) lenses which are less susceptible to delamination than those fitted with cheaper polarised lenses, a very important consideration for rimless clip on glasses.

Clean cut lenses combined with our low profile, squeeze to open, clip mechanism give an excellent quality product which is both light in weight and extremely convenient to wear. The clip has two positive indexing lens positions and flips up to approximately 140 degrees to provide a clear field of vision when required. They come in five rectangular sizes and they're supplied complete with a microfibre cleaning cloth and a press stud rigid case to help you protect your glasses. Our eyewear carries a 12 months limited warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects.

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