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About ClipFlipz Clip On Sunglasses and Eyewear

We started up a UK based online sunglasses business back in 2006. We were motivated by the lack of choice of affordable good quality sunglasses in a market dominated by premium eyewear brands, both online and on the high street. From the outset it was clear that there was a large demand for clip on sunglasses and eyewear. Mainly, it seemed, due to the lack of interest high street opticians had for selling such products. Their main aim being to sell a pair of much more expensive prescription sunglasses. This approach is problematic to most spectacle wearers particularly those with complex prescriptions or those who demand different lenses for different uses, e.g. a copper pair for driving and a polarised pair for fishing.

And so ClipFlipz was born. All our products are purchased exclusively by us directly from our manufacturer and built to our own specification. This has allowed us to produce a high quality product whilst keeping our prices affordable. It is our aim to bring a wide range of clip-on flip-up sunglasses and other types of clip on eyewear to market which are suitable for just about any activity and in a variety of styles and sizes.

ClipFlipz is a trading name of i-sunglasses Limited (UK registration no. 6980319, VAT No: GB923679984)

For more information about our company or our products, please contact us or visit our parent web site at i-sunglasses.com

Email: info1@clipflipz.com (please copy and paste into your email application).

Telephone: 0560 116 3403 (Monday to Friday - 10am to 4pm) calls charged at local rate by most service providers, mobile rates may vary.

or write to:

i-sunglasses Ltd (ClipFlipz)
257 Pall Mall
United Kingdom

Please Note: We only sell online and do not have viewing facilities at this address, sorry.

The Future of ClipFlipz

Following the launch of our first collection in May 2010 we will continue to evolve our range to offer an increasing variety of products. If you have any suggestions please email us via the link above.

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